Vanessa Grillone has dreamed of being a writer since the age of twelve. She’s a small town girl but tends to have one foot in the city. Her love of books, notebooks and pens that don’t blotch serve as a consistent reminder that words have always meant something to her. In between watching superhero movies, going on date nights, and drinking dark roast coffee Vanessa works furiously on her own writing with the hope of affecting someone’s life with her words.

My Pen, My Voice is a blog that Vanessa started in October of 2010. It’s a place where her lifestyle posts and book reviews call home. On her blog, Vanessa has worked with such brands as The Red Bow Shoppe, HTC Canada, Chapters Indigo, Penguin Random House Canada, HarperCollins Canada, Simon & Schuster Canada, Gelaskins (now Nuvango), Evolve Fitness, ecojot, Jonathan Adler, Clearly Contacts, Fresita Sparkling Wines, Toronto Eaton Centre, Tiny Prints and Shutterfly, Mattel, Tiny Devotions, The Vanity Events, Dogeared Jewels and Gifts, Roots Canada, Kno-bu, Minling Pan Studio, Spark Sessions, Nokia, Samuel Adams, and Samsung Canada.

Vanessa’s words have appeared on WorkStory, Casie Stewart: This Is My Life , Words of Mystery, Open Book Toronto, Arianna’s Random Thoughts, Shutterfly, Tiny Devotions, CanCulture MagNot A Model Blog, and Chic Darling. She has two books under her belt and is working on turning her blog into a book. She currently writes for Passion8 Mag and The Red Bow Blog.

To connect with Vanessa email her at mypenmyvoice[at]gmail[dot]com or follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

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